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The Catching Academy is a full service instructional organization, dedicated to the growth and development of elite defensive catchers in the greater Bay Area. Whether you are an 11 year-old looking to make your little league all-star team, a 13 year-old looking to earn a spot as the backstop of your high school team, or an 18 year-old college prospect looking to attract college and professional scouts, The Catching Academy specializes in refining your craft to not just get to the next level, but make an impact once you are there.


Drawing on many years of experience at elite levels, The Catching Academy instructional team helps catchers see tangible growth in both their physical and mental abilities. With each catcher we work with, we are passionate about tailoring an instructional game plan that will meet our students where they are and immediately begin to raise their level. From the nuances of receiving and body positioning, to flexibility and weight training, to the ever important mental side of catching, we strive to develop players in all aspects of the position.


Perhaps equally as important as the development of catchers, we also pride ourselves in developing solid young men who understand the qualities necessary to LEAD on the field, in the classroom and eventually in the workplace. Fortunately, the hard work involved in creating great catchers aligns with these goals nicely. 


No matter what level you are currently catching at, we are excited to take on new athletes and help them realize their full potential. We believe there is an incredible amount of room for all catchers to grow and develop and we are confident we have the experience and tools help you reach your goals.

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