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Valle Eagle KK
  • Valle Eagle KK

    Valle Eagle KK Trainer – KK 4 Finger in all white color!


    The Eagle KK 4 Finger combines the great practical benefit of a flat style training glove that promotes the use during practice time of using two hands, but has the feel of a game glove with finger slots  and flexibility to allow the fielder to be loose and comfortable.  Allows the fingers to be relaxed and slightly bent as they are in a game glove. Does NOT force the fingers to be stiff and straight out, as a pancake training glove will do,  which is an unnatural for them and when stiff and straight, it promotes the player to NOT be relaxed as he should be. This glove is all leather, extremely flexible so it simulates the feeling of catching a ball with your “bare hand”, but has the leather and padding for protection. The soft leather on the palm gives a great feeling to the player and the glove having 4 fingers gives the easy flex you want when fielding the ball and has the same feeling of your game glove in that each finger has it’s own stall and is separate from the other fingers, as apposed to a pancake style training “mitt”. This training glove is excellent for “any” age player from tee ball to the professional ballplayer. Many pro players and college players purchase these gloves for their training. Make your training time the most productive it can be with the use of the Valle Eagle Training Gloves Series.


    Great training glove. Used to developing quick soft hands when practicing infield grounders or turning double plays. Teaches using two hands to field the ball. We have them for right and left handed throwers.


    Velcro wrist back for easy adjusting!


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